Beaches near the Resort


Baia delle Ginestre is located along the south coast of Sardinia, a rural and unpolluted place, a perfect one for those who are looking for beaches and creeks to spend a peaceful day.


Vista di Capo Teulada dalla Spiagga Resort Baia delle ginestre Beaches at the Resort

For those who do not want to move, directly from the village, you can easily reach three gravel and bowlful creeks with a magnificent view over Cape Teulada and the Île-Rousse.  The sea around the three creeks is beautiful and clean. As a matter of fact, just a few meters away from the coast, it swarms with life, an ideal spot for snorkeling. The main beach is equipped with sunbeds and beach umbrellas. During the day our animator will be there to assign you the canoes which are always at your disposal. Pictures of the beaches.



To better appreciate the beauties of Sulcis we recommend you to reach us by car or to rent one at Resort Baia delle Ginestre


For those who feel like looking for new beaches and new landscapes, Sulcis is the ideal destination, starting from the hotel, along the coast there are many corners of paradise where you can place your beach umbrella and enjoy a wonderful day at sea. Now we will suggest you some of them which you will certainly want to see and appreciate  


Sandy beach near the village Piscinì Beach

Just three kilometres from the village you can reach the beach of "Piscinì", a wide creek facing the west, that consists of white sand. A free beach where you can feel in touch with nature, protected by juniper and myrtle bushes, and easily accessible. Since there is no nearby bar, we suggest you to take some snacks with you from the hotel. This beach can also be reached in 5 minutes by boat from Baia delle Ginestre.





 Porto Tramatzu BeachPorto Tramatzu Beach

Moving from the Resort towards the town of Teulada, after a ten-minute ride, you will meet the new tourist port, behind it is the beautiful beach of Tramatzu. The wild and solitary aspect characterizing the whole area hides the beach from the access road by dense bushes. After passing by them you will notice the Île-Rousse, named after the color it gives off when the sun's rays strike its granitic rocks. The beach is composed of white and fine sand, cradled by a shallow blue sea. Tramatzu is an equipped beach where you will find a bar, charter boats and canoes and windsurfing.




Tuerredda Beach

Tuerredda Beach

After a fifteen-minute drive from Baia delle Ginestre, towards Pula, is located Tuerredda Beach. After reaching the destination your eyes will be touched by the colors of its inlet ranging from the transparent blue of its floors to the intense green of the Mediterranean shrub, up to the white of its beach for about 600 meters. This is an equipped beach where you will find a bar, charter boats and canoes and windsurfing.






Porto pino Beach

Porto Pino Beach

This is an extraordinary destination where nature still reigns: fabulous beaches with high white sand dunes, little pink creeks wet by crystal clear water and surrounded by the typical Pinus halepensis, spectacular floors for divers, lagoons and ponds rich in flamingos and wild birdlife.






 Chia Beach


A scenario that exceeds the exotic imagery without being set in the ocean: white dunes, crystal clear waters, secular junipers, lagoons with multicoloured reflections. The beach is well equipped and offers you all the comfort you need, but if you are looking for a unique environment, walk towards the west and you will reach wonderful Cala Cipolla Beach.




Cala Cipolla BeachCala Cipolla Beach

Near Chia Beach, going straight towards the last parking area you can find Cala Cipolla Beach, a splendid white sandy beach surrounded by granite cliffs. The sea, always protected from the wind, is calm and warm. Cala Cipolla Beach


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